Product Brand
  • Atlas office Landscape

    ATLAS office Landscape (Individual work stations)

    Atlas Office Landscape brings together height adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution.

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  • Locale

    Locale (Individual work stations)

    Locale helps organisations utilise and manage open office plans with a system that enables people to transition seamlessly between working together and alone, and in seated or standing postures. By removing visual and physical obstacles and condensing the architectural scale of an open office plan into a tightly knit neighbourhood, Locale helps people stay better connected to their work and each other.

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  • Layout Studio

    Layout Studio (Individual work stations)

    It’s easy for anyone to find a work base in Layout Studio. It integrates with personalized work tools and storage and can take many forms across the office landscape in both seated and standing heights. Layout Studio’s choices play well with organizations, too. It lets them scale up or down as needed, and accommodate local preferences within a global system.

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  • AbakEnvironments

    AbakEnvironments (Individual work stations)

    With a clean, crisp look and purposeful visual elegance, AbakEnvironments has been supporting businesses in world-class working environments since 2004. Allowing the architecture of a space to take precedence, AbakEnvironments looks as smart as it works. The slender profile and translucent and reflective materials allow a consistently elegant and contemporary look throughout global facilities.

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  • Sense Desks

    Sense Desks (Desks)

    Simple can make good sense. Sense is a simple and elegant desking solution which fits seamlessly into the modern office landscape.

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  • Ratio

    Ratio (Desks)

    The Ratio Height-Adjustable Desk enables a smooth transition between sitting and standing, allowing users to vary their posture throughout the day.

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  • Kivo

    Kivo (Collaborative Furniture)

    Transform the Workplace. Kivo is designed to evolve and adapt to your needs

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  • Setu Tables

    Setu Tables (Collaborative Furniture)

    Setu Tables take the Setu chair’s go-anywhere, do-anything approach one step further. Using the same elegant, spare design and uncoated alloy base as Setu chairs, the tables support all the ways people like to live and work: lounging, sitting down, standing or sitting on a stool. The tables are available in several heights and diameters, and a variety of surface materials.

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  • Airia Desk and Media Cabinet

    Airia Desk and Media Cabinet (Desks)

    From its elegant combination of wood and aluminium, to its thoughtfully crafted details such as cork-lined drawers, Airia combines beauty and functionality. Designers Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton were motivated to design an “intelligent desk that acknowledged technology and the stuff that we accumulate when working, but do it in a subtle, integrated and intuitive manner”.

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