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Exterior Emulsion Paint and Wall Sealer

  • Exterior Weather Coat

    Exterior Weather Coat

    WHITE by JAT Exterior Weather Coat is ideal for all forms of masonry and provides superior protection against all weather conditions. The attractive, smooth matt finish stays cleaner, longer and offers outstanding obliterating power.

    • Coverage up to 130 sq.feet per litre.
    • Touch dry in 15-30 minutes.
    • Can be recoated in 2-4 hours.
    • Can be applied with a brush or roller.
    • Can be diluted up to 20% of water by volume of paint.
  • Wall Sealer

    Wall Sealer

    WHITE by JAT Acrylic Exterior Sealer is a water-based acrylic sealer that can be used as an undercoat for exterior emulsion, suitable for exterior masonry surfaces that is fully dry.

    • Coverage - Up to 110 square feet per litre (May vary depending on the surface condition)
    • Dilution - Ready to use. (If required use maximum dilution 10%)
    • Drying Time - 30 minutes
    • Recoating Time - 2-3 Hours after application
    • Low VOC Content - <30g/litre
    • Formaldehyde Free
    • No Added Heavy Metals
    • APEO & NPEO Free

Exterior Emulsion Paint and Wall Sealer