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In Buddhism, flowers signify the fragility and impermanence of life. Each day thousands of devotees across Sri Lanka bring a multitude of floral offerings to their respective temples. However, due to the sheer volumes, it’s not long before these sacred blooms are unceremoniously cleared away and left to wither and die as garbage. Struck by the scale of this wastage, JAT Holdings saw an opportunity to give these flowers a higher purpose that transcended beyond a single offering. Collaborating with temples island wide, the company began collecting the organic discards, and sorting them out by colour to be dried. Using a state-of-the-art extraction process, JAT’s team of technicians isolated the flowers’ natural pigments to create an innovative range of emulsions christened, Petal Paint. Safe and durable in nature, these paints were then used by master artists to restore faded temple art across Sri Lanka – thereby ensuring that these once cherished offerings were given a second chance of life that preserved the island’s culture and heritage forever.

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