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Solvent Based Wood Coatings

Solvent Based Wood Coatings

Solvent Based Wood Coatings

J Chem NC Sanding Sealer and Lacquer
J Chem NC Sanding Sealer Concentrated and NC Lacquer are high-quality single pack products that are used for timber furniture finishing. These products have good filling properties and are easy to use.

J Chem Wood Stain
J Chem Wood Stain is available in a wide range of stain colours. It is mainly used for the direct application on wood products or used by diluting the stain with clear basecoats or topcoats. It is a component of organic pigments or dyes mixed with organic solvents.

J Chem NC Super Thinner
J Chem NC Super Thinner is mainly used for diluting all forms of enamels, undercoats and lacquers to provide a brighter finish.

J Chem Polyurethane Varnish Gloss
J Chem Polyurethane Varnish Gloss provides protection and a glossy effect on interior timber furniture.

J Chem – Enamel
J Chem Super Enamel is for the application of interior/exterior timber, MDF and all metals including galvanised iron with a high gloss or matte finish. This product is free from Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and other heavy metals

J Chem Wood Preservative- Clear
J Chem Wood Preservative Clear principally preserves the natural colour with its clear coating and is a highly reactive Hydro Carbonic Mixture, which includes fungicides and pesticides. Damage caused by fungus, termites and other pests is fully protected by J Chem Wood Preservative Clear.

J Chem Anticorrosive
J Chem Anticorrosive Paint is based on long oil alkyd resin which will protect metal surfaces against corrosion. This provides extremely durable and exceptional water-resistant properties for the use of suitably prepared interior and exterior metal surfaces where durable and anti-corrosive properties are required such as storage tanks, piping, railings and galvanised roofing sheets.