WHITE by JAT Clinches Best New Entrant Award at SLIM Brand Excellence 2023

WHITE by JAT Clinches Best New Entrant Award at SLIM Brand Excellence 2023

Colombo, 21st December 2023
In a notable acknowledgment of its influential market debut, WHITE by JAT has proudly secured the distinguished title of Best New Entrant at the esteemed SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2023, receiving a distinguished Merit award. This recent recognition contributes to WHITE by JAT's expanding collection of accolades, now totaling 12 awards since its launch in December 2020. The brand's success is attributed to its innovative launch strategy, proficiency in digital marketing, and steadfast dedication to product sustainability, earning recognition from both industry experts and consumers alike.

In the dynamic realm of new brands introduced to the market in 2021, WHITE by JAT has distinguished itself as a prominent player. Exclusively acknowledged for its exceptional market entry strategy and effective management, WHITE by JAT stands as the only paint and coatings brand that adeptly navigated through the complexities posed by challenging market conditions. This accolade serves to highlight WHITE by JAT's distinctive approach, differentiating it from a diverse array of brands and firmly establishing its position as a noteworthy and influential player in the industry.

The SLIM Brand Excellence Award is renowned for its stringent evaluation criteria and commitment to recognizing outstanding brands. The prestigious Best New Entrant Award at SLIM Brand Excellence 2023 stands as a compelling testament to the unwavering commitment of WHITE by JAT to setting industry benchmarks and reshaping the landscape of paint and coatings. This accolade of Merit indicates a distinctive strategy in entering the market and its capacity to not only endure but excel in the face of challenges. WHITE by JAT has successfully carved its niche as an industry trailblazer, showcasing an innovative and resilient approach that sets it apart in the competitive realm of paint and coatings.

JAT Holdings PLC, certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, upholds international standards in the production of WHITE by JAT emulsion paints and undercoats. WHITE by JAT comprises an innovative collection of brilliant white emulsion paints and undercoats.

Before securing this latest Merit award at SLIM Brand Excellence 2023, WHITE by JAT had already earned numerous local and international accolades to acknowledge its distinctive marketing strategy. Among these accolades, the brand was honoured with a bronze award in the Marketing Disruptors category, and it received recognition as a finalist in three additional categories. These achievements underscore WHITE by JAT's consistent commitment to innovative marketing approaches, contributing to its well-deserved reputation in the industry.

Dilshan Rodrigo, Senior General Manager - Marketing at JAT Holdings, expressed his gratification for the acknowledgement received at the esteemed SLIM Brand Excellence 2023. He underscored, "The bedrock of WHITE by JAT's triumph is rooted in the unparalleled quality and reliability of our product. However, the extraordinary growth and widespread acclaim achieved in just two years can be directly attributed to our innovative marketing approach. Launching our product amid the challenges of the pandemic, our online marketing and sales strategy emerged as a triumphant formula."

Expanding beyond marketing excellence, the company actively embraces sustainable practices, including responsible material sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and initiatives for community upliftment. JAT Holdings recognizes that a commitment to sustainability is a core responsibility towards both the environment and future generations

The premium range of WHITE by JAT offers customers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, aligning with our commitment to excellence and it is meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sri Lanka under the expertise of JAT Holdings PLC, showcasing a commitment to excellence in local production. The brand's dedication to brilliance, sustainability, and innovation has not only set it apart but has also garnered widespread recognition. Leveraging insightful customer and market perspectives, JAT Holdings PLC has gone beyond mere product creation to craft a comprehensive experience. This approach has garnered significant traction, and the unparalleled quality of WHITE by JAT has firmly established our reputation in the market, resulting in a continual expansion of the market share.

The Brand Excellence Awards are meticulously designed to foster healthy and constructive competition within the industry, encouraging brands to strive for excellence and positive contributions. This platform serves as a catalyst for elevating industry standards through recognition and acknowledgement of outstanding achievements.

As WHITE by JAT celebrates its recent achievement with a Merit award, the brand often remains committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of its operations. With a proven track record and a forward-looking vision, WHITE by JAT is actively shaping the future of the paint and coatings sector, consistently setting and redefining industry standards.