Volt Charge: A Visionary JAT Holdings Joint Venture Redefining the Global EV Charger Industry

Volt Charge: A Visionary JAT Holdings Joint Venture Redefining the Global EV Charger Industry

JAT Holdings proudly introduces Volt Charge (VC), an ambitious joint venture that signifies a remarkable collaboration between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, poised to revolutionize the global Electric Vehicle (EV) charging landscape. In partnership with Saudi-based Safari Group, QSS Robotics, and Sri Lankan tech trailblazer Cyrus, Volt Charge is on a mission to set new industry standards, with JAT Holdings PLC at the helm of this visionary initiative.

Aelian Gunawardene, Founder & Managing Director at JAT Holdings PLC expressed his enthusiasm saying, “Volt Charge embodies our vision of pioneering innovation. This joint venture represents the convergence of diverse talents and resources from Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia to reshape the EV charging industry worldwide. We are proud to be leading the charge, change and transformation towards a greener transportation infrastructure together with like-minded partners, in keeping with our commitment to a sustainable future.”

Cyrus, a brand owned by Cyrus EV Charger Pvt Ltd, leads the frontier of innovation in Sri Lanka in EV charging and charger manufacturing. Promising to redefine the way the world powers its electric vehicles, Cyrus boasts a dedicated team led by Dr Beshan Kulapala, the pioneer behind manufacturing Sri Lanka’s and South Asia’s first-ever electric supercar, which was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2020. A trailblazing tech entrepreneur focused on developing high-tech solutions on a global scale, Dr Kulapala has created Sri Lanka’s largest EV charging network with homegrown EV Chargers.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Kulapala added, “We’re excited to be part of this endeavour not only as a technology partner but also as a shareholder of a global enterprise to shape the future of EV charging. Volt Charge will not only provide advanced technology but also contribute significantly to the global sustainability cause, thanks to our breakthroughs in innovation in the field.”

The joint venture, Volt Charge, symbolizes JAT Holdings’ unwavering commitment to shaping the future and diversifying its portfolio to meet the ever-growing demands of the world while expanding its global presence. Bolstered by substantial multimillion-dollar investments from JAT, Safari, and QSS, and harnessing Cyrus’s expertise in EV charging technology, this partnership aims to carve a significant niche in the expansive $90 billion global EV charging industry.

Volt Charge is making an impressive entrance with its state-of-the-art 22kW Level-2 charger, featuring an industry-leading interactive user interface. In a bid to exceed current competitors, Volt Charge envisions a charging experience that resonates profoundly with customers, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Its ambitious roadmap includes a range of fast-charging technologies and visionary pursuits, such as wireless and robotics charging solutions, designed to anticipate the needs of the future.

The first set of Volt Charge EV chargers is slated for commercialization and launch with the commencement of Volt Charge’s manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia by March 2024, ensuring a steady supply of cutting-edge chargers for the global market.

JAT Holdings PLC owns a substantial 40% stake in Volt Charge, which is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and dedicated to manufacturing next-generation EV chargers. With a state-of-the-art research and development centre in Sri Lanka and manufacturing facility in Riyadh, Volt Charge uniquely tailors its products to withstand harsh climatic conditions while providing highly customizable chargers to meet customer demands. These products and services seamlessly integrate into various technology platforms, delivering unparalleled value additions.

Safari Group, a leading conglomerate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, renowned for its quality certifications and for being the No. 1 contractor, with over 12,000 employees across the Kingdom, joins this innovative venture, as the local partner. Meanwhile, QSS Robotics, a dynamic systems integration company specializing in advanced technological solutions, adds its expertise to this pioneering collaboration.

With Volt Charge, JAT Holdings and its visionary partners are set to illuminate the path towards a sustainable and electrifying future in the global EV charging arena. Through this landmark partnership, JAT Holdings PLC has solidified its position as an emerging dominant player in the region, with a multitude of other such transformative partnerships ongoing or in the works, across South Asia, Africa and now the Middle East.

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