The launch of the Sayerlack Sathkaraya campaign

The launch of the Sayerlack Sathkaraya Campaign

JAT Holdings, the exclusive distributor for Sayerlack Waterbase, announced the launch of ‘Sayerlack Sathkaraya’ campaign recently. Reinforcing its position as the leader in wood coatings in Sri Lanka, the campaign aims to create awareness on the importance of protecting all types of wooden furniture, such as doors, windows, wooden floors, tables, chairs, and countertops for example. This idea is communicated through a strong, emotional message by humanising the bond we create with furniture, during our lifespan.

The campaign reminds us that as humans, our life is linked with shapes, spaces and furniture. An empty space is given meaning and purpose through the furniture that converts the empty space into the beautiful bedroom, living room or dining room – an area where we create special moments and memories for years and generations. The furniture becomes part of our lives as a family member or a close friend. Furthermore, as part of nature, wood lives, it breaths, contracts and expands. It is alive, delicate or Siyumali and needs care and protection. Therefore, the communication instils the importance of taking care of our wooden furniture to preserve the cherished memories it holds. Sayerlack water-based wood coating is the best way to protect all types of wooden furniture, by preserving the wood itself, refining its look and extending its lifespan. The process of using Sayerlack to protect wooden furniture is called Sayerlack Care or Sayerlack Sathkaraya’.

Sayerlack is the flagship brand exclusively distributed by JAT Holdings. Launched in 1954, Sayerlack wood coating is an Italian brand that is renowned for its innovative and highest quality wood finishes in the industry. Recognised as the largest producer for wood coating in the world, Sayerlack is known for adopting new technologies and for its commitment to research and development. The Sayerlack product range consists of a wide range of products that are used for both interior/exterior wooden furniture and wood at its different stages, from the initial phase of timber selection, right up to the finish of the furniture.