Pintharu Abhiman Workshop Series Empowers Wood Painters Across the Island

Pintharu Abhiman Workshop Series Empowers Wood Painters Across the Island

The 'JAT Pintharu Abhiman' workshop series is making a significant impact in empowering wood craftsmen across the island. JAT Holdings PLC, the market leader for wood coatings in Sri Lanka, joined forces with the National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) to launch the ‘JAT Pintharu Abhiman’ program. The primary goal of this program is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and technical expertise of wood craftsmen in the country, functioning as a community development initiative to uplift the wood coating and paint industry.

The JAT Pintharoo Shilpee Abhiman program strives to provide professional recognition, financial stability, and professional training to local painters and carpenters. Introduced in 2021, the program aims to pave the way for participants to attain the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ Certificate) recognized internationally through NAITA.

Through continuous collaboration, incorporating new international technologies, painting techniques, and hands-on experience, the initiative aims to elevate the standards of the local painting industry. The ultimate objective is to enhance the professional appeal of the painting industry, contributing to increased employment opportunities in the country.

In the current year, during the seven sessions organized between October and December, JAT has trained around 800 painters through the JAT Pintharu Abhiman program in partnership with the MBC media network. As part of the ongoing efforts, JAT has planned several more workshops across the Island, and over 1,000 painters will have benefited from this already successful initiative by the time this series of workshops concludes. The collaboration with the MTV MBC media network has significantly boosted media coverage and publicity, resulting in a notable increase in the participation rate of painters from various regions. Additionally, more than 300 participants have received internationally recognized NVQ certificates.

Traditionally, obtaining an NVQ certification involves a lengthy process with multiple steps which consumes a lot of time, cost, and effort on the part of applicants. However, the collaboration between JAT and NAITA streamlines the qualification process, allowing painters to achieve the certification in just three steps, in three days, following the successful completion of a practical assessment. The total cost for the certification is borne by JAT and by partnering with the JAT Pinathroo Abhiman Programme, painters can obtain an internationally recognized qualification without any hindrance to their daily livelihood as a result of undergoing training.

Mr. Dilshan Rodrigo, Senior General Manager – Marketing, JAT Holdings PLC, emphasized that JAT Pinatharoo Abhiman goes beyond honing the skills of wood painters and holds national significance in elevating the carpentry and painting industry. The program reflects JAT Holdings' continuous mission to unearth the hidden talents within the wood coating industry and improve the living conditions of those involved.

Under the JAT Pinatharoo Abhiman program, successful workshops have been conducted in various regions, including Matara, Kurunegala, Ratnapura, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Aluthgama, and Negombo, with the final workshop planned in Moratuwa.

Mr. Wasantha Gunaratne, Director - Sales and Technical of JAT Holdings PLC, highlighted the company's commitment to social responsibility since 1998, stating that the programs implemented have led to professional recognition for approximately 170,000 local and foreign painters. The company's dedication goes beyond business objectives, with initiatives like the JAT Pinathroo Abhiman demonstrating a commitment to the overall development of society.

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