Launch of the JAT Leadership Cogwheel Programme

Launch of the JAT Leadership Cogwheel Programme

As a progressive and dynamic organisation, JAT has implemented the “JAT winning culture” within the DNA of the organisation over the years enabling the organisation to function as a synergized, innovative, and solution-oriented company that has achieved excellence in all aspects of its business.

Further accelerating its progress as a high-performing organisation and inculcating its company value, “leadership at all levels”, JAT launched a new cultural enhancement initiative known as the “JAT Leadership Cogwheel” programme which emphasizes the importance of eight key leadership traits that is expected from all its employees. JAT believes that similar to the function of a cogwheel when these leadership traits interact and synergize together, it creates a powerful force within the company, enhancing its efficiency and cohesion to reach organisational objectives and goals.

As a multinational organisation with a presence across the region, the Leadership Cogwheel programme will enable employees of diversified backgrounds and cultures to work together towards a common goal. Moreover, with JAT’s envisioned ambitious growth trajectory, it is believed that the leadership cogwheels programme will groom employees to reach the optimum growth levels required to achieve company goals and objectives.

The Leadership Cogwheel programme was initially launched for the senior management within the 2021/22 financial year as they committed themselves to embrace this cultural enhancement. In the current financial year, the programme was launched to all levels of employees led by the senior management team and the HR & Sustainability team through an interactive workshop. The eight cogwheels are to be embedded into the employee performance framework.

The launch of the JAT Leadership Cogwheel programme is one of many initiatives which are designed to create a transformative winning culture within the company fostering skilled, high-performing employees who drive the company’s long-term growth.