JAT launches an ultrasonic, non-touch sanitizer dispenser

JAT launches an ultrasonic, non-touch sanitizer dispenser

At the outset of the covid-19 crisis, identifying the urgent need in the market for hand sanitizers, JAT diversified and expanded its offering to manufacture its own isopropyl alcohol based instant hand sanitizer. Following the overwhelming demand for the hand sanitizer, JAT extended its product line to manufacture a surface cleaner as well. Further developing on its JAT care business vertical, the company identified the need for a touchless hand sanitizer as an additional protective measure, as most of the alternatives available in the market required some form of manual touch. Accordingly, the 100% Sri Lankan, ultrasonic, non-touch sanitizer dispenser is yet another innovation from JAT in the fight against covid-19.

This space saving, compact designed, dispenser is extremely hygienic and safe due to its non-touch, ultrasonic sensor. The dispenser does not emit any harmful chemicals or radiation making the sanitizing process safe for even kids. It can be easily installed against any surface and is resistant to any weather condition. Users can expect a 50% cost saving compared with the usage of a general hand sanitizer, minimizing wastage is as it dispenses only the exact quantity required to sanitize hands on each instance.

With the rapid spread of the covid-19 pandemic around the globe and in Sri Lanka, the WHO and the local health officials have stressed the importance of regular hand sanitization. The authorities have recommended the general public to sanitize their hands using an alcohol-based hand rub or washing hands for 20-30secs with soap and water to curb the spread of the virus.
The JAT non-touch sanitizer dispenser is priced starting from LKR 7,900 per unit and it comes with a portable battery and a 1-year warranty. Please call 0773876554 to place your order. Delivery with card and cash payment options are available.