JAT Holdings PLC wins Merit Award at FITIS Digital Excellence Awards

JAT Holdings PLC wins Merit Award at FITIS Digital Excellence Awards

JAT Holdings PLC received a Merit award in recognition of its Digital Marketing Strategy deployed for the launch of WHITE by JAT at the inaugural FITIS Digital Excellence Awards and Conclave conducted by the Federation of Information Technology Industry of Sri Lanka (FITIS). The award was instituted to recognize and applaud business enterprises that are successfully transforming themselves digitally as well as transforming themselves to become exponential organizations contributing towards economic prosperity for the industry and country.

The awarding body reiterated that they had received over 300 applications of which only 120 applications were shortlisted and only 34 awards were conferred. Only two awards were conferred in the Digital Marketing Strategy category, namely the Merit award which was awarded to JAT Holdings and a Silver, highlighting the effectiveness of JAT’s digital marketing strategy in delivering a superior digital customer experience.

WHITE by JAT is a premium quality white emulsion paint brand launched in December 2020. As a paint manufacturer and new brand launched into an already saturated market, WHITE by JAT was acknowledged for the company’s bold efforts in disrupting the market by improving the customer experience through digital media. Following in-depth research on the paint industry, competitive pricing, product quality and understanding the challenges of customers, JAT was the first paint company to launch a fully integrated end-to-end eCommerce platform to sell paint online, facilitating customer convenience and improving the customer experience. The digital launch also enabled many homeowners to gain access to the product amidst travel restrictions and lockdowns when most of the traditional paint stores were closed.

In an industry where customers are constantly faced with inconsistencies in pricing and discounts, with highly incentivized dealers pushing brands to customers, JAT decided to directly sell to customers offering a fixed 40% discount with free delivery islandwide within 2-4 days of placing the order. The success of the company’s digital marketing strategy is evidenced in WHITE by JAT becoming an LKR 100Mn brand, achieving a 456% ROI within 4 months of the launch. Furthermore, 12% of the overall revenue generated for WHITE by JAT is generated through online sales which is above the industry average for online sales in the paint category.

Moreover, the pull created via resulted in hardware dealers demanding the product to be listed in stores, enabling the establishment of a fully-fledged retail distribution network within 6 months of the launch. The digital strategy addressed consumer needs for advice and recommendation by providing the same level of education through social media and the eCommerce platform, aiding the purchase decision just as a paint seller does. Through a 3-step ordering process with value-added services such as a Square foot to Litre converter, free delivery islandwide, the customer could order paint with a click of a button.

As a brand WHITE by JAT also achieves numerous social positive outcomes. By ensuring doorstep delivery, customers do not have to visit a store. As a result, the initiative gave maximum importance to customer safety, protecting themselves and their families from Covid-19. Furthermore, WHITE by JAT is a proud sponsor of the "Athwela" project, which is based on a concept of Mr Sugeeshwara Bandara - Personal Secretary to His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a programme conducted with the aim of protecting places of worship and their associated spiritual and cultural values for future generations. As part of this project, on Poya Days WHITE by JAT paints a temple each month with the hope of safeguarding the religious and cultural heritage of the country. Additionally, WHITE by JAT sponsored the Kandy Tuskers team at the first-ever Lanka Premier League and was the Official Overseas team sponsor of the Sri Lanka Cricket for the 2020/21 season. Sponsorship of Sri Lanka Cricket was a part of the launch awareness campaign enabling the upliftment and support of one of the most loved games of the nation.

Following the success of the launch and the acceptance the brand has received in the market in just a year since its launch, JAT Holdings plans to continue the investment made on developing the WHITE by JAT product range. Two new product undercoats, namely an Interior Wall Filler and an Exterior Wall Sealer was added to the portfolio in November 2021. The company also further plans to invest in resources to improve the digital customer experience driving online sales revenue.