JAT Holdings makes key strides in sustainability and CSR activities

JAT Holdings makes key strides in sustainability and CSR activities

As one of Sri Lanka’s foremost corporate citizens, JAT Holdings has made continuous strides in changing the sustainability landscape of Sri Lanka. After identifying key areas of focus such as business sustainability, sustainability of the society and sustainability of the planet, JAT Holdings has certainly become a catalyst for change in the corporate arena of Sri Lanka.

In terms of minimising carbon footprint, JAT was the first paint and wood coatings company in the country to compute its direct and indirect carbon footprint of all three scopes by adhering to international guidelines and standards.

This resulted in a total carbon footprint emission of 4,758.79tCO2e, scope 1 GHG emission – 1,064.84, scope 2 GHG emission – 291.50 tCO2e, scope 3 GHG emission – 3,402.45 tCO2e,0.00125tCO2e per litre GHG emission 13.60 tCO2e per employee GHG emission for the year 2020/21. JAT Holdings is officially authorised to use the Responsible Care international logo on its products by complying with international standards in relation to the organisation’s commitment to environment and social sustainability.

The company has not overlooked the importance of driving high levels of business sustainability by way of preserving Sri Lanka's culture and heritage. This was apparent when JAT Holdings embarked on its Petal paints project with the goal of restoring murals and ancient paintings in temples. JAT saw an opportunity to use floral offerings discarded by temples around the country to manufacture natural pigment paints in Sri Lanka. These paints are used by master artists to restore faded temple wall paintings across the country.

During these uncertain times amidst a global pandemic, JAT once again recognised that most of its daily wage-earning customers who are painters and carpenters were affected badly. In order to support them in their time of need, the Sayerlack Sathkaraya programme was launched. This gave them the opportunity to obtain free products, allowing them to continue working on stalled projects. The success of this programme meant that JAT was able to support the livelihoods of many who were affected during this period.

The company has also extended its helping hand to Sri Lanka’s public at large as well. This is apparent when considering that JAT supported the renovation of the Wethara District Hospital by donating paint and providing the required technical assistance and support for the renovation. The hospital, which is the only government hospital accessible to around 86,000 people in the area, was in urgent need of renovation at the time. Furthermore, as a tribute to the untiring efforts of the medical staff combating the Covid-19 pandemic, JAT Holdings supported the renovation of the residential doctor’s quarters as well.

Whilst JAT Holdings is the undisputed leader in the wood coatings industry of Sri Lanka, it is clear that the company has pledged to reflect its organisational stature in its CSR activities as well. This diverse range of activities will certainly expand during the years to come, along with the evolution of the company’s sustainable goals.