JAT Holding’s loyalty programme reaches milestone of 100,000 customers

JAT Holding’s loyalty programme reaches milestone of 100,000 customers

Launched in March 2019, JAT’s loyalty programme reached a milestone of 100,000 customer enrolments in a short span of two years. The loyalty programme was initially launched targeted at Sayerlack customers such as painters, carpenters, homeowners and start-ups. Unlike most loyalty programmes which reward customers through loyalty points that provide discounts through trading, the JAT loyalty programme is unique because it enables customers to convert their loyalty points into a monetary benefit, facilitated through an exclusive Commercial Bank debit card which permits cash withdrawals once the customer secures 500 loyalty points. Customers have the option of either withdrawing the cash or saving it, creating opportunities for savings, investment and thereby empowering the uplifting of lifestyles, providing financial independence in the long term.

Each loyalty point is equivalent to one Sri Lankan rupee. The purchase of a 1L can of Sayerlack Water Base products rewards 60 points, 2.5L – 100 points, 4L – 250 points and 5L- 250 points respectively. A customer can enrol into the loyalty programme by following 4 simple steps. Firstly, the customer needs to purchase a Sayerlack Water Base product which consists of a loyalty programme sticker, secondly, scratch the sticker and SMS 076 399 0990, accumulate 1000 points to be eligible to get an exclusive Commercial Bank debit card and finally, can redeem their cash from the nearest ATM.

As the leader in wood coatings in Sri Lanka, the loyalty programme has enabled customers to build trust and confidence in the brand and has further upheld JAT’s corporate values concerning innovation and customer satisfaction. In the future, the loyalty programme will offer customers additional benefits that would support their financial security, empower financial independence and growth.