JAT Holdings launches “WHITE by JAT”, a superior emulsion paint

JAT Holdings launches “WHITE by JAT”, a superior emulsion paint

Adding yet another ground-breaking product to its portfolio, the launch of WHITE by JAT has reaffirmed JAT Holdings as an innovative organization in Sri Lanka, which always seeks to provide best quality products to its customers.

The WHITE by JAT range of brilliant white emulsion paint was aspired by the vision ‘colouring the world in white’, allowing the world to witness the beauty of whiteness. WHITE by JAT resembles purity, cleanliness and elegance, all of which are qualities that modern consumers seek to instil in their homes and work environment.

The launch of this range of brilliant white emulsion paints is the culmination of JAT Holdings’ effort to formulate a superior emulsion paint which provides a great finish, film-like smoothness, larger area coverage, best opacity and whiteness when compared with offerings from its competitors in the market. Regardless of the emulsion’s prized qualities, the product is priced at a significantly low price, making it affordable for everyone.

Additionally, the product is mainly targeted at home-owners or companies that wish to colour-wash their newly built premises or restore the colour of their existing walls. Construction companies who seek high quality, brilliant white paint for their projects can avail the benefits of this reasonably priced product, as well.

Apart from the product, JAT has also ensured customer convenience when purchasing WHITE by JAT, as it is available for purchase online via This simple and easy to navigate website allows customers to place an order of their required quantity, hassle free. Coupled with a free of charge doorstep delivery service, WHITE by JAT will reach the customer within a period of 48 hours.

By keeping its customers at the heart of its operations, JAT Holdings successfully catered to thousands of deliveries across the island, enabling customers from all regions access to esteemed WHITE by JAT products. Standing a testament to this, the trusted industry leader for furnishing and finishing, received a magnitude of positive feedback from homeowners and painters regarding the products’ superior qualities and ease of application – further establishing WHITE by JAT as an unprecedented superior emulsion paint.