JAT Holdings’ Harris brand recognized as Global Brand of the Year at SLIM Brand Excellence 2022

JAT Holdings’ Harris brand recognized as Global Brand of the Year at SLIM Brand Excellence 2022

Recording a historic moment for the company, JAT Holdings PLC received a Gold award for Harris Brushes and Rollers brand recognising it as the Global Brand of the year at the SLIM Brand Excellence 2022 awards night concluded recently. Awarded by the national body for marketing in Sri Lanka, receiving this accolade is a reflection of JAT’s strategic brand-building efforts and agile marketing in driving brand performance amidst challenging market conditions caused by multiple macroeconomic factors.

The title global brand of the year is awarded to brands that originate from a country other than Sri Lanka but are successfully marketed locally with consistent brand performance over a period of three years in review. Although the Harris brand has been in Sri Lanka for over nine decades, L.G Harris & Co. Ltd UK appointed JAT Holdings as the exclusive manufacturer, distributor and marketer in Sri Lanka for its range of Harris® branded paintbrushes, rollers and accessories in 2019 at a time when the brand held a negative sentiment in the market amongst users due to inconsistencies in product quality and service. Over the last three years, JAT Holdings executed a strategic and meticulous approach to changing brand perceptions amongst retailers and consumers.

JAT Holdings was able to position the brand strategically amongst its target audience, mainly made up of painters, carpenters, craftsmen and homeowners by adapting the marketing mix in line with local user needs and market requirements. Keeping key attributes of the global Harris brand, the success of the local adaptation of brand strategies has resulted in Harris brushes and rollers becoming the No. 1 choice amongst painters in Sri Lanka.

Celebrating brand excellence at the highest level in the country whilst honouring exceptional marketing efforts and outstanding brand stories, SLIM brand excellence endeavours to encourage best practices in branding and to inspire local marketers to raise the bar, benchmarking itself against international standards. Receiving an accolade at this platform is the ultimate recognition of the courage, dedication and perseverance marketers have demonstrated in crafting winning brands. With a representation across industries in Sri Lanka, SLIM Brand Excellence is an area for healthy competition amongst local marketers as they are put through a rigorous judging process which evaluates brand intent, content, process and performance through written submissions and panel presentations.