JAT employees conclude engaging Outbound Training Programme

JAT employees conclude engaging Outbound Training Programme

As an extension of its Leadership Cogwheel Programme launched recently, employees of JAT Holdings participated in an Outbound Training (OBT) programme. Conducted in collaboration with Che Adventure Park, the programme offered experiential learning conditions for the participants through a series of outdoor and adventure activities.

Employees were encouraged to unleash their potential and work in synergy with their teams to complete certain activities, enabling employees to put into action the key learnings and leadership traits inculcated through the leadership cogwheel programme.

Further accelerating its progress as a high-performing organisation and inculcating its company value, “leadership at all levels”, JAT launched a new cultural enhancement initiative known as the “JAT Leadership Cogwheel” programme which emphasizes the importance of eight key leadership traits that is expected from all its employees. JAT believes that similar to the function of a cogwheel when these leadership traits interact and synergize together, it creates a powerful force within the company, enhancing its efficiency and cohesion to reach organisational objectives and goals.