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Laminate flooring is affordable and looks just like wood, tile or stone, without the cost, maintenance or wear and tear. It’s also scratch resistant, water resistant and the click-lock design makes it easy to install. Tarkett laminate flooring from Germany is produced under stringent processes with the most eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

With its reinforced construction, the Welcome 833 now offers optimal resistance alongside great decors. This collection is specially designed for retail and hospitality use. Welcome 833 Laminate floor planks come with the Plus Effect technology that reproduces the beautiful grain of natural wood. Made in Germany according to the highest standards, our laminate home floors are scuff, scratch and stain resistant thanks to their melamine protective layer.

Key Features :   Plus Effect technology  |  Reinforced construction, ideal for high-traffic areas  |  UNIFIT® Easy Lay click system  |  PEFC, Carb2, M1 and A+ French VOC rating

TECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS :   Product type: Laminate floor coverings (EN 13329)  | Commercial classification: 33 Heavy  | Total thickness: 8 mm  | Total weight: 7,250 kg/m² 

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