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Hörmann’s specialized Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial and industrial establishments. Tested and certified to comply with highest Indian, British and American Standards they are available with fire rating for 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 minutes. These doors not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems, but also ensure optimal personal safety. These doors can be used in high-rise buildings, metro railway stations, telecom centers, power plants, cellular network stations, garment processing units, shopping malls, industrial plants, multiplexes, hotels, auditoriums, software parks, restaurants etc. These doors and frames are designed to perform in the most demanding environment.

Tested to UL1OB & UL10C and confirming to NFPA 800 Underwriters Laboratory
Tested to 95476 Part 22 in Warrington "'51-certifire
Tested to IS 3614 Part 2 and BS 476 Part 2


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